Welcome to InfoGlow!  As an Aesthetician, one of the first questions I am asked is “what do you do that makes your skin glow like that? This blog is part of that answer, firstly yes, I have a great skin care routine that works for me and I do it religiously every morning and every night, no matter how tired.  The second component to that is that the skin is our largest organ, and if you think about things on a cellular level, the food you eat is broken down for energy to create new cells you literally do become what you eat. So for me healthy glowing skin comes from the inside out. In this blog I wish to share with you topics I am passionate about, from food, juices, products, yoga essential oils, whatever tools I find that I love.

My passion is helping people look and feel beautiful. I have more than seven years of experience in the Medical Aesthetics field. I’ve been a licensed aesthetician since 2007. I love helping my clients achieve healthy, beautiful skin and teaching them how to get the results they’re looking for on a daily basis. Everyone is beautiful with unique attributes that make them special. Finding and highlighting these attributes in a person is my passion – and it’s what I love about my career. I take into account your individual skin concerns and tailors the treatment to get the best outcome for you. Using my extensive knowledge of skin, I merge active skincare with facial massage, to lift and firm the facial contours while expelling toxins from the skin. My facials deliver anti-aging benefits that leave skin glowing with youthful radiance and clients looking instantly rejuvenated. “While finding the right products for the skin is important I also know that the skin is a reflection of the health of the inside of the body. I believe in eating a whole foods plant based diet, drinking lots of water, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. I began practicing yoga three years ago and received certification as an RYT 200 in October 2011 to teach yoga. My teaching practice helps to bring in full circle my love of helping people look and feel better.”


Licensed Aesthetician

Certified Yoga Teacher

Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist


Passionate about living a Healthy Whole Life


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