Miss Popularity 2013

I came across this from a fellow blogger an liked it so much I wanted to share her healthy lifestyle routine, I pretty much do everything on the list, and am kinda jealous I didn’t write it 😉

Miss Ella Said

pathAccording to WordPress my most viewed post for 2013 was: http://missellasaid.com/2013/04/21/my-10-things-for-a-healthy-lifestyle-routine/

I’ve changed a few things to that routine. See the items in RED below as additions and changes.

  1. This is still true. More so in the winter in Edmonton. I use coconut oil to cook, and as a facial moisturizer at night and on my body day and night. Coconut oil has found a place in my heart, my kitchen cupboard, and my bathroom vanity. I use 100% pure organic virgin coconut oil. It’s important that you source a brand that is virgin and organic. I use this as a face and body cream, straight up. At times I will apply a small amount to the tips of my hair. I also use coconut oil as the main oil when cooking. I use the Nutiva brand. You can find it almost anywhere. I buy mine at Planet Organic or

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