New Years Resolutions


 I know it’s corny, and a lot of people don’t make them or people say “they just set you up for failure”. But I love New Years resolutions. Even if I don’t do all of them. Last year I really wanted to do a pottery making class, inspired by my friend Zach’s anagama and his gorgeous pottery. I googled it, read a book about it, looked for classes (the closet was an hour away and I just never made the time to do it…) . So what? There’s always next year. I did however try Stand Up Paddle Boarding and fell in love with Yoga SUP. Every year I say I’m going to try to learn a new language. I never have so I actually omitted that one last year…

 This year (so far) I have four resolutions, which I think is a good number, do able. Especially since the first one is going to be a project…

  1. Feng Shui my house.

       I have always been interested in Feng Shui and have been reading more about it and the

       first step is to declutter, which sounds like a great project to start off January.


  1. Be a better friend. I have been very busy this year finding the love of my life, getting engaged and nesting with him, and along the way have neglected a lot of friendships… From Birmingham to Japan to right here in my sown city. Reconnect is going to be a big theme for me this year.


  1. Focused Meditation. I am going to do a study and meditate on each chakra for 40 days, starting with Muladhara (the root chakra) and working my way up.  According to Subtle Body Medicine, chakras are energy centers or “wheels” as chakra means in sanskrit, in the body, each one relates to different physical, emotional and mental nature. I have always been fascinated with chakras and learned about them in my Yoga teacher training. 40 days always seems to be a symbolic number, signifying a time of change or preparation.


  1. Start painting and/or making pottery. I have never thought of myself as being artistically inclined, I can’t draw a straight line, whatever I’ve tried has never been “good”. But earlier this year I met a woman who made art just for herself, she said she gave away most of it to family and friends and participated in one or two small art fairs, but she didn’t care what people thought about her art, she just did it because she enjoyed it. I know at 31 that shouldn’t be some huge revelation to me, but it was. I realized I never tried painting or drawing because I was afraid it wasn’t going to be good enough or people would judge me and here she was telling me, basically forget that, create if you want to. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


So what are your resolutions? 


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